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Unicorn Puppy Found Living In The Streets With A ‘Tail’ Growing From His Face Found
Since the tail reminded them of a unicorn’s horn, they went with an appropriately magical name for him, calling him ...
Science Has Confirmed That Yelling At Dogs Has A Long-Term, Devastating Impact On Their Minds
A study has revealed that using negative reinforcement with the family dog, such as yelling, can cause long-term damage to...
California Veterans Will Be Able To Adopt Shelter Pets For Free In 2020
"Our brave heroes deserve the same happiness, and I’m glad we can reduce the barriers for bringing together vet...
Dog Owner Shares Warning Signs After Her Dog Is Poisoned By A Bufo Toad
When Kelsey Barbas let her dogs outside to play in the yard, she had no idea that it would become a deadly encounter.
Brave K-9 Shot Dead In The Line Of Duty
But before he died, Harlej, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, still managed to catch his man.
Woman Rescues An Adorable Kitten That Turns Out To Be A Bobcat
In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a woman named Jill Hicks rescued an adorable kitten she saw running across the road.