A technology platform to accelerate the growth of a thriving vegan economy



Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards animal-free products and services across all industries worldwide



Build an integrated digital platform with a range of innovative solutions designed to reduce dependency on animal-based food and products for businesses and consumers globally


Who are we?

Beyond Animal is a Swiss company that is founded by two expert professionals with experience in senior roles at large corporates in investments and technology.

Claire Smith(Chairwoman, CIO)

Vegan entrepreneur and impact investor.

Claire has created a humane investment platform Beyond Investing designed for vegans and environmentalists, which includes programs in both public listed equity markets and venture capital, directly founding and investing in vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free businesses.  

Dhanesh Kothari (CEO, CTO)

IT strategist, mentor expert.

Dhanesh is mentoring purpose-driven technology start-ups in Swiss Romandie region. His expertise lies in making innovative use of technology for creating positive impact at global level. 


Both Claire and Dhanesh share one common purpose: A kinder, cleaner, healthier world.